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We design and manufacture hydraulic units and cylinders according to customer requirements. Our services include tube installation and commissioning.


The premises are in Järvelä about 30 minutes’ drive from Lahti. Quality is guaranteed by our personnel of 20 professionals.


Towards the end of 1970’s Aaro Keyriläinen pondered how to make use of all the hydraulics experience he had received while working in Canada.  As a result, Hydraulic Power Ltd. was established in 1979. The operation started and continued for few years in Aaro’s own garage. As the operation grew, the company moved through temporary premises to own, brand new industrial building in 1986. This, Louhelantie hall, is also the current main location of the company. The facilities have since been moderately expanding once in every ten years, 3 times altogether.

In 2006 Aaro’s son, Jari, took over responsibilities as the CEO of the company. He studied in Tampere University of Technology and has gradually turned the focus from mainly the tube installations to ever more demanding hydraulic solutions.

Most recent change occurred in 2018, when Hydraulic Power bought another industrial building from a location near Louhelantie. Several new machining equipment were traded along with the building. Thus, the machining capability increased further and all the machining power could be centralized into one building.



Louhelantie 4

Office, welding, surface treatment, assembly

Hydraulic Power Louhelantie 4
Sampolantie 5

Office, engineering, machining, welding

Hydraulic Power Sampolantie 5
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